‘Trick and Treat’ Halloween Fun

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Learn More about the History of Sweet and Spooky Celebrations
It’s time to get dressed up, grab some mouth-watering candy, and of course, get all set to bob for apples! Wonder what occasion is it? Well, all this has to be on Halloween. That’s right. The season for spooky and sweet celebration is here and we absolutely love it.

Halloween is a night full of tricking and treating and some jack o‘lanterns. Not to forget, there are gigantic pumpkins, scary costumes and lots and lots of candy. The eerie night also features some exciting celebrations and festivities. Here we look at the origin of the event celebrated on the night of October 31.

Tricks, Treats and Celtic Celebrations
Tricks and treats on Halloween come from an ancient Celtic tradition. The tradition says that people used to put gifts (food) on the streets of Samhain as a part of a sacred festival. People would also dress themselves as spooky demons and spirits to cheat the wandering spirits. These tricks and treats marked the end of the Celtic calendar year and were believed to calm down the spirits roaming on the streets of Samhain.

Just before Halloween, the Druid priests would light bonfires to guarantee that the sun would return to the region after a long, dark winter. Samhain celebrations often involved throwing cattle bones into the flames, hence the name ‘bone fire.’ Interestingly, bone fire became bonfire as the time passed. Townspeople disguised themselves as demons and spirits to become part of the celebrations.

Halloween around the World
The Lantern Festival (Teng Chieh) in China is one Halloween celebration where dragon and animal shaped lanterns are hung around the streets. These dragons and animals are thought to guide the wandering spirits back to their homes. Family members also place food and water alongside the portraits of their ancestors to honor them during the festival.

Food and gifts are also offered during Halloween celebrations called Yue Lan or the “Festival of the Hungry Ghosts” in Hong Kong. The food and gifts are offered to cheer maddened ghosts who are looking for revenge.

What’s Hot? – Black and Orange
Black and orange are traditional Halloween colors. Orange signifies strength and endurance while the gold and brown you find in pictures shows autumn and harvest. Black, as you can guess, is a reminder of darkness. Interestingly, Halloween was once a festival that marked the line between life and death.

How Can You Dress Up?
You will come across all sorts of spooky and scary costumes on sale this Halloween. Adults prefer to dress up as pirates, witches, vixens, vampires and cats. Kids love fun and usually wear their favorite superhero, vampire, fairy or princess costume.
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