October’s Forecast – Columbus Day Sale is Back!

October’s Forecast – Columbus Day Sale is back!

What is Columbus Day?
The day celebrates the eventful landing of Christopher Columbus in the Americas on October 12, 1492. The entry of this Italian navigator in the region is observed on the second Monday in October in most states (in the United States). The biggest celebrations of the Columbus Day are held in New York City. There’s a huge parade that takes place each year. Majority of the nations of the Americas commemorate this occasion on October 12.

The First Celebration
The Society of St. Tammany, which was also known as the Columbian Order, commemorated the 300th anniversary of Columbus’ arrival on October 12, 1792. This was the first recorded celebration.

The first official Columbus Day in the United States was inspired by the 400th anniversary of the historic occasion – the year was 1892. President Benjamin Harrison recommended people to observe the event, i.e. the discovery of America in their localities. Various school and community festivities are organized since then to celebrate Columbus Day every October.

Official Recognition
It was in 1905 that Columbus Day became an official commemoration. Colorado was the first state to officially acknowledge the historic event. Over time, other states joined in to observe an official Columbus Day on October 12 as declared by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1937.
In 1971, the Congress decided to observe this holiday on the second Monday in October.

Commemoration Today and Exciting Sales
Today, Columbus Day celebrates the Italian-American heritage and is an enjoyable holiday. People in many parts of the United States host carnivals and parades featuring scrumptious Italian food, foot-tapping music and colorful costumes. You would also find lots of traditional dances and plays about the Native American culture.

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