‘Biggest Blows’ – Top 5 Workout Mistakes People Make

Top 5 Workout Mistakes People Make

You hate to spend more time in the gym and there’s nothing worse than getting no results for all your hard work! Your foremost goal should be to not get hurt while exercising. And with that in mind, you should avoid the biggest mistakes that may prevent you from getting impressive results in the first place.

1. Do you have shoulder pain or back pain after squatting or weight lifting? Well, this is the case of not exercising with the right technique. When you start with a new program, make sure you work with a coach for a month or two to learn how exactly the exercise needs to be done. Remember, this will ensure that you’re training in a way to burn maximum calories, while minimizing your risk of getting hurt.

2. Unfortunately, we spend way too much time sitting idle at our office desk or home and this causes structural changes in our body. Simply put, your muscles are not used to stretching and flexing and if you don’t warm up, you will most likely end up with pain in your back, shoulders and neck. Remember, you can restore proper range of motion around your thigh, hips and back muscles by warming up and cooling down. This will also help you perform better and of course, burn more calories.

3. Holding the treadmill sidebars or hanging on to the handles of your elliptical trainer deprives you of the possible ‘greater’ calorie burn. That’s right. When you make your hands work hard, you tire faster and end your workout sooner than expected. If you really can’t leave the side rails, try keeping your fingertips lightly on them. You can also lower the incline or slow down your pace until you become confident to continue exercising without using your arms.

4. It can be frustrating to see the machines and equipment you planned on using occupied for hours, but don’t waste your time. While you are waiting for your turn, try to get done with simple exercises you can do without a machine. Remember, you can do as many crunches, push-ups, high-knees and squats you like. After all, doing something is better than only waiting. Interestingly, a gap of five or more minutes between your sets can have a negative impact on the overall effectiveness of your workout.

5. Realistically, you should keep your body hydrated to make your workout more efficient. Studies show that even mild dehydration can decrease your physical performance which is undesirable. If you don’t like sipping plain water, try adding a splash of lemon juice to your water bottle.

Remember, if you follow these tips, you can easily get the most of your sweat session! Comfy workout gear can also help you have a better workout experience. Check out our selection of athletic wear for your next gym session.

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