Nod to the Future – MLS Logo Gets a Makeover


Major League Soccer, i.e. MLS has undergone several changes and transformation since starting off, but one thing that has remained constant is the MLS logo. A large number of soccer fans wanted to see something different and their wish is finally about to come true. Plans to transform the MLS logo had been around for quite some time and finally, Major Soccer League is all set to go with a new look next season.

An important announcement in New York City was scheduled to break the news. Preparations were underway to unveil the new logo and it definitely is the future of the league. Having a closer look at the latest creation reveals significant details. The primary colors used in the logo represent Canada and the United States – both nations are home to very franchise featuring in the Major League Soccer.

The three stars you find on the newly unveiled MLS symbol represent the league’s core value, i.e. Club, country and community. These stars will also serve as affinity for the individual clubs according to Major League soccer executives.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the newly designed logo is its increased versatility – something you don’t find in any other sports logo used in the world. The colors used in the logo are interchangeable and the teams can incorporate them into their own content. This increased adaptability will also improve the profile of the MLS as a whole.

Most soccer fans believe that the World Cup’s popularity in the U.S. has paved ways for the MLS to make significant strides. Interestingly, MLS has come a long way in recent years. Next season will have two new teams and a brand new TV deal. What’s even better is the fact that 11 out of 23 players playing for the U.S. during the FIFA World Cup 2014 will be part of MLS. The next season of MLS looks promising and hopefully, it will be more interesting with the new logo taking effect.

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