The Premier League and Magical Records

The Premier League and Magical Records

What is known today as the Barclays Premier League was founded in 1888. It is also the oldest known competition in the world of football. Let’s have a quick look over some of the interesting records and stats of the Premier League season.

Not many professional football competitions have magical records quite like the Barclays Premier League. The 2014 – 2015 season kicked off on August 16, and all participating teams are looking forward to winning the prestigious Premier League crown. While ongoing season may bring new records to the contest, let’s have a quick look on some of the record-breaking stats and numbers from the previous seasons.

1. 16 Years and 271 Days
James Vaughan – the youngest goal scorer (Everton v Crystal Palace– April 2005).

2. 40 Years 268 days
Teddy Sheringham – the oldest goalscorer (West Ham United v Portsmouth– December 2006).

3. 9.7 Seconds
Unbelievable time for the fastest league goal – scored by Ledley King (December 2000).

4. 5 Goals scored by goalkeepers
Peter Schmeichel (Aston Villa v Everton – 2001), Brad Freidel (Blackburn Rovers v Charlton Athletic – 2004), Paul Robinson (Tottenham Hotspur v Watford – 2007), Tim Howard (Everton v Bolton Wanderers, 2012) and Asmir Begović (Stoke City v Southampton, 2013) have scored a goal each while playing as goalkeepers.

5. 632 – Most ‘Premier’ Appearances
Ryan Giggs has appeared in the most number of Premier League games. He played for Manchester United from 1992 to 2014.

6. 11 – Highest Goal Scoring Match
Portsmouth scored seven goals against Reading in September 2007. Reading surprisingly ended on the losing side after scoring four goals.

7. 16 Years 65 Days – Youngest Premier League Debut
Matthew Briggs presently holds the record for appearing in Fulham v Middlesbrough match in May 2007.

8. 43 years and 162 days – Oldest Premier League Debut
John Burridge look refreshed at his debut for Manchester City in May 1995.

9. Awesome Threesome
Henning Berg is one player to have won the Premier League crown three times playing with two different clubs. He was part of the winning squad with Blackburn Rovers in 1994 – 1995 and Manchester United in 1998 – 1999 as well as 1999 – 2000.

Ashley Cole won the prize playing for Arsenal in 2001/02, 2003/04 and Chelsea in 2009/10. Carlos Tevez was part of the winning side with Manchester United in 2007/08, 2008/09 and Manchester City in 2011/12.

10. 49 – The Long Run
49 games is the longest unbeaten run by any club. Arsenal emerged victorious on all 49 occasions (spanning over three seasons) from May 2003 – October 2004.

11. 21 Years
Sir Alex Ferguson holds the record for the longest serving manager. He was associated with Manchester United from July 01, 1992 to June 30, 2013.

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