Ten Glorious Stats – XX Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014

Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014

All good things perhaps end too soon. The XX Commonwealth Games, 2014 are officially closed, but sports lovers around the globe would love to know some glorious stats about their favorite event.

Participants and Spectators
1. With over 71 participating nations and 11 days of competition, these games were watched by approximately 1.5 billion people around the globe.

2. About 20,000 spectators took part in an interesting survey to voice their opinions about the game. A whopping 91% of survey participants were satisfied with the arrangements and the spirit of competition.

3. They also had superb things to say about the Commonwealth Games. Top three words used for encouragement in the feedback were ‘fun,’ ‘exciting’ and ‘fantastic.’

Food and Drinks
Like any special gathering, you must be keen to know more about the food that was shared with the athletes and support staff to get them into the mood. Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 actually served healthy breakfasts. If you thought athletes only grabbed a bowl of cereal before taking their place on the field, prepare yourself to be mind blown.

4. About 100 tons of fresh fruits and veggies were delivered to the site hosting the Commonwealth Games.

5. Athletes, as you can guess find smoothies to be a pretty impressive meal. Shockingly, players taking part in different competitions consumed 65,000 fruit smoothies.

6. The Athletes’ Village also had 500,000 meals delivered throughout the entire duration event.

News and Records

7. The delivery of healthy meals might be one of the reasons nine world records were set and 142 Commonwealth Games records were broken during 11 days of competition.

8. Glasgow did have a glorious bit of share in trending news on social media. Glasgow 2014 was mentioned about 3.5 million times.

9. The Games app was downloaded about 450,000 times and this clearly shows the enthusiasm of the sports lovers around the world.

10. Leaving the athletes and attendees aside, about 1000 staff and 15,000 volunteers worked diligently to ensure that the event takes place smoothly.

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