Choosing the Right Ski Clothing

Ski Clothing

Ski racing needs a remarkably different set of gear than typical clothing on the mountains. Knowing the best way to dress for skiing is essential in order to keep warm and dry to get the most enjoyment out of the sport. Ski clothing involves layering that provides maximum flexibility to add and remove easily as the temperature fluctuates.

Go for Breathable Fabrics

Choose skiing gear with wicking layer so that it can keep you warm, dry and comfortable. Breathable fabrics are advised to opt for as they wick away moisture away from the skin and quickly dry. Avoid cotton as it is a slow-drying fabric that will not work best.

Use Ski Jackets

Sweatshirts, fleece jackets, ski vests and ski jackets come in a variety of styles. You can choose a second layer if the temperature gets colder for extra insulation. However, on warm days, skiers take off ski jackets or ski vests and keep the functional mid layer as a style. Wear a ski jacket and trousers or pants as an outer layer. This type of ski clothing works as the protective shield against the weather. A functional ski jacket should be waterproofed, wind-resistant and large to accommodate inner layers, provide you maximum warmth and space. Depending upon the weather, ski jackets are available in a number of styles for extra insulation.

Ski Accessories

Choose appropriate ski accessories for ski racing. Wear Gloves, helmet and socks. Use a winter hat that insulates your head and ears as well as ski goggles to guard your eyes from snow and harmful ultraviolet rays. Ski helmet are the best option to use for extra protection. A helmet is an utmost addition to ski clothing that provides skiers a protective shield as downhill skiers often face devastating crashes.

Choosing the right ski clothing and understanding the best ways to dress for ski racing will help you stay warm and to enjoy a wonderful ski day. AthletiClothing offers a wide range of ski clothing including ski jackets, ski accessories and more to make your skiing racing event more enjoyable!

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