How to Choose the Right Tennis Clothing

Tennis Clothing

Tennis is best known as a gentlemen’s game and enormously famous worldwide as a spectator sport. It is the game that involves lots of passion and attitude. Therefore, the right tennis clothing is critical to represent high levels of attitude, motivation and etiquette on the court. Tennis uniforms should be chosen carefully while focusing on the factors: comfort, flexibility and functionality. Athletes can choose more individualistic tennis attire such as loose-fitting tennis shirts, shorts, bandanas and shoes and can make their style statement.

Tennis Shorts

A pair of tennis shorts is the most important element of a tennis uniform. Above knee length tennis shorts with athletic performance fabric such as cotton/polyester blend with moisture wicking property are advised to opt for.

Polo Shirts

Tennis polo shirts with soft breathable soft fabric with moister management technology are the perfect choice for tennis clothing. They can keep players comfortable and cool at all times. However, some tennis athletes opt for V-neck, crewneck or collar T-shirts when needed. Depending on the setting you play, you might be required to wear a polo shirt, crew-neck shirt, t-shirt, sport shirt or jersey shirt.

Hats, Bandana or Visors

Some players prefer to opt for hats or sunglasses while some like bandanas. Hats or visors protect players from harmful ultraviolet rays while playing on the court. Try to choose the specialized fabric that is technically made to repel sun rays.

Tennis Shoes

Shoes are the most important facets of tennis uniforms that must be selected carefully. Good tennis shoes have certain key elements. They must contain lateral support for cushioning and comfort. A tennis player is recommended to select shoes with black sole. However, players are always encouraged to wear tennis sneakers. Hardcore tennis players may select the sole of their shoes based on the court they usually play. Athletic shoes that do not have marking soles can also be worn on the court. Some court surfaces such as clay courts may require players to wear tennis sneakers only. While, soles with small studs can work best for grass courts.

Choosing the right tennis apparel wills surely help you perform better on the court. AthletiClothing offers a wide array of sportswear in numerous colors, designs and styles, so, choose your favorite clothing product and make your next tennis tournament more comfortable!

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