World’s Golf Ranking 2010

The World Golf Ranking is officially base on the four major championships with the six professional tours by which make up the by the International Federation of PGA tours. From the following week’s tournaments around the world the ranking is made.

From the latest news, Lara get 213 points and wins Australian Golfopen. Let see first three top ranking golf players.

1. Tiger Woods, USA

Tiger Woods  is on top of number one for the last 276 weeks which makes total of 618 weeks in his whole career. And he is also on number one in the Official World’s Golf Ranking by getting 368.76 in just 40 events and he is also less in Gained Points from 90.53 which make the average pints of 9.22.

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2. Phil Mickelson, USA

Phil Mickelson is on 2nd position by getting 372.27 in 43 events and he gained 240.59 which keep him on 2nd. By the overall stats his average points is less from the Tiger Woods which is 8.66.

3. Lee Westwood, England

Lee Westwood got total points of 414.25, from the gained points of 273.95 and lost point 202.80 by which the overall average points he gain 8.45.

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