Top 5 Coolest College Basketball Uniforms

Basketball Uniform is the identity of a players for which team he playing for. College Basketball team tends to change their uniforms by their new season.

However, here I tell you top 5 uniform which is perfect and coolest uniforms of college basketball teams or by which it will guides you to create your own new ideal uniform for your team.

1. Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia Bulldogs uniform’s best part is the side panels; their uniforms are black which shows asymmetric pattern colors, the stripes on their infamous, and the white and red two vertical stripes on their uniform which represents them different from others.

2. Maryland Terrapins

Maryland Terrapins Uniforms are white in color with some color linen which makes them very cool, the gold, black and red makes a cool looking color scheme. Maryland’s uniform unique by their collar design.

3. Florida State Seminoles

Florida State Seminoles looks unique with their Florida State logo. The jerseys fabric is also different from others. It is a tee with a tank in white, with some color scheme on side panel on it.

4.Michigan State Spartans

Michigan State Spartans actually wear Nike sponsored uniform, Since Nike sponsored other 20 teams for their uniforms, but Michigan State’s dress look perfect with the side panel.

5.Oklahoma Sooners

Oklahoma Sooners features two simple red color stripes on shoulder which extends shoulder area. The similar red stripes also on their shorts but in short they are placed as side panel which is vertically.

These are the five college basketball uniforms I suggest, hope you will like it!

1. Florida State Seminoles

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