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By layering our carefully selected sweatshirts, hoodies and jackets, you can easily add versatility to your winter looks. In fact, you can make the outerwear in bold or subtle colors really shine by pairing the right pieces together. Our outerwear stores can be used as a wonderful opportunity to stay warm and more importantly, show off your personal style. Don’t mind the chill because we are giving you breathable, durable and stylish hoodies, jackets and hoodies that can beat the icy wind and weather. Don’t wait any longer. Explore our outerwear collections for Men and Women today.

Happy Halloween Day - CLOTHING SALE

‘Trick and Treat’ Halloween Fun

Learn More about the History of Sweet and Spooky Celebrations
It’s time to get dressed up, grab some mouth-watering candy, and of course, get all set to bob for apples! Wonder what occasion is it? Well, all this has to be on Halloween. That’s right. The season for spooky and sweet celebration is here and we absolutely love it.

Halloween is a night full of tricking and treating and some jack o‘lanterns. Not to forget, there are gigantic pumpkins, scary costumes and lots and lots of candy. The eerie night also features some exciting celebrations and festivities. Here we look at the origin of the event celebrated on the night of October 31.

Tricks, Treats and Celtic Celebrations
Tricks and treats on Halloween come from an ancient Celtic tradition. The tradition says that people used to put gifts (food) on the streets of Samhain as a part of a sacred festival. People would also dress themselves as spooky demons and spirits to cheat the wandering spirits. These tricks and treats marked the end of the Celtic calendar year and were believed to calm down the spirits roaming on the streets of Samhain.

Just before Halloween, the Druid priests would light bonfires to guarantee that the sun would return to the region after a long, dark winter. Samhain celebrations often involved throwing cattle bones into the flames, hence the name ‘bone fire.’ Interestingly, bone fire became bonfire as the time passed. Townspeople disguised themselves as demons and spirits to become part of the celebrations.

Halloween around the World
The Lantern Festival (Teng Chieh) in China is one Halloween celebration where dragon and animal shaped lanterns are hung around the streets. These dragons and animals are thought to guide the wandering spirits back to their homes. Family members also place food and water alongside the portraits of their ancestors to honor them during the festival.

Food and gifts are also offered during Halloween celebrations called Yue Lan or the “Festival of the Hungry Ghosts” in Hong Kong. The food and gifts are offered to cheer maddened ghosts who are looking for revenge.

What’s Hot? – Black and Orange
Black and orange are traditional Halloween colors. Orange signifies strength and endurance while the gold and brown you find in pictures shows autumn and harvest. Black, as you can guess, is a reminder of darkness. Interestingly, Halloween was once a festival that marked the line between life and death.

How Can You Dress Up?
You will come across all sorts of spooky and scary costumes on sale this Halloween. Adults prefer to dress up as pirates, witches, vixens, vampires and cats. Kids love fun and usually wear their favorite superhero, vampire, fairy or princess costume.
Athleticlothing.com wishes you a very Happy Halloween. Do check out our Halloween Day Sales and enjoy 10% off selected products.

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October’s Forecast – Columbus Day Sale is back!

October’s Forecast – Columbus Day Sale is Back!

What is Columbus Day?
The day celebrates the eventful landing of Christopher Columbus in the Americas on October 12, 1492. The entry of this Italian navigator in the region is observed on the second Monday in October in most states (in the United States). The biggest celebrations of the Columbus Day are held in New York City. There’s a huge parade that takes place each year. Majority of the nations of the Americas commemorate this occasion on October 12.

The First Celebration
The Society of St. Tammany, which was also known as the Columbian Order, commemorated the 300th anniversary of Columbus’ arrival on October 12, 1792. This was the first recorded celebration.

The first official Columbus Day in the United States was inspired by the 400th anniversary of the historic occasion – the year was 1892. President Benjamin Harrison recommended people to observe the event, i.e. the discovery of America in their localities. Various school and community festivities are organized since then to celebrate Columbus Day every October.

Official Recognition
It was in 1905 that Columbus Day became an official commemoration. Colorado was the first state to officially acknowledge the historic event. Over time, other states joined in to observe an official Columbus Day on October 12 as declared by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1937.
In 1971, the Congress decided to observe this holiday on the second Monday in October.

Commemoration Today and Exciting Sales
Today, Columbus Day celebrates the Italian-American heritage and is an enjoyable holiday. People in many parts of the United States host carnivals and parades featuring scrumptious Italian food, foot-tapping music and colorful costumes. You would also find lots of traditional dances and plays about the Native American culture.

What is really interesting is that Columbus Day shopping promotions are an excellent way to get a jump on your wardrobe makeover. Now you can stock up on athletic wear and casual wear essentials with our exciting Columbus Day sales. Best of all, items in our exclusive store are 10% off. Happy Columbus Day! Enjoy shopping with us!

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Top 5 Workout Mistakes People Make

‘Biggest Blows’ – Top 5 Workout Mistakes People Make

You hate to spend more time in the gym and there’s nothing worse than getting no results for all your hard work! Your foremost goal should be to not get hurt while exercising. And with that in mind, you should avoid the biggest mistakes that may prevent you from getting impressive results in the first place.

1. Do you have shoulder pain or back pain after squatting or weight lifting? Well, this is the case of not exercising with the right technique. When you start with a new program, make sure you work with a coach for a month or two to learn how exactly the exercise needs to be done. Remember, this will ensure that you’re training in a way to burn maximum calories, while minimizing your risk of getting hurt.

2. Unfortunately, we spend way too much time sitting idle at our office desk or home and this causes structural changes in our body. Simply put, your muscles are not used to stretching and flexing and if you don’t warm up, you will most likely end up with pain in your back, shoulders and neck. Remember, you can restore proper range of motion around your thigh, hips and back muscles by warming up and cooling down. This will also help you perform better and of course, burn more calories.

3. Holding the treadmill sidebars or hanging on to the handles of your elliptical trainer deprives you of the possible ‘greater’ calorie burn. That’s right. When you make your hands work hard, you tire faster and end your workout sooner than expected. If you really can’t leave the side rails, try keeping your fingertips lightly on them. You can also lower the incline or slow down your pace until you become confident to continue exercising without using your arms.

4. It can be frustrating to see the machines and equipment you planned on using occupied for hours, but don’t waste your time. While you are waiting for your turn, try to get done with simple exercises you can do without a machine. Remember, you can do as many crunches, push-ups, high-knees and squats you like. After all, doing something is better than only waiting. Interestingly, a gap of five or more minutes between your sets can have a negative impact on the overall effectiveness of your workout.

5. Realistically, you should keep your body hydrated to make your workout more efficient. Studies show that even mild dehydration can decrease your physical performance which is undesirable. If you don’t like sipping plain water, try adding a splash of lemon juice to your water bottle.

Remember, if you follow these tips, you can easily get the most of your sweat session! Comfy workout gear can also help you have a better workout experience. Check out our selection of athletic wear for your next gym session.


Nod to the Future – MLS Logo Gets a Makeover

Major League Soccer, i.e. MLS has undergone several changes and transformation since starting off, but one thing that has remained constant is the MLS logo. A large number of soccer fans wanted to see something different and their wish is finally about to come true. Plans to transform the MLS logo had been around for quite some time and finally, Major Soccer League is all set to go with a new look next season.

An important announcement in New York City was scheduled to break the news. Preparations were underway to unveil the new logo and it definitely is the future of the league. Having a closer look at the latest creation reveals significant details. The primary colors used in the logo represent Canada and the United States – both nations are home to very franchise featuring in the Major League Soccer.

The three stars you find on the newly unveiled MLS symbol represent the league’s core value, i.e. Club, country and community. These stars will also serve as affinity for the individual clubs according to Major League soccer executives.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the newly designed logo is its increased versatility – something you don’t find in any other sports logo used in the world. The colors used in the logo are interchangeable and the teams can incorporate them into their own content. This increased adaptability will also improve the profile of the MLS as a whole.

Most soccer fans believe that the World Cup’s popularity in the U.S. has paved ways for the MLS to make significant strides. Interestingly, MLS has come a long way in recent years. Next season will have two new teams and a brand new TV deal. What’s even better is the fact that 11 out of 23 players playing for the U.S. during the FIFA World Cup 2014 will be part of MLS. The next season of MLS looks promising and hopefully, it will be more interesting with the new logo taking effect.

Post-Exercise Muscle Soreness – What Really Happens?

Post-Exercise Muscle Soreness – What Really Happens?

Muscle soreness or stiffness that occurs after you start a new workout or exercise plan shouldn’t be surprising if you are a workout freak. This stiffness happens day or two after you change your exercise routine, duration or intensity. New exercisers are not particularly impressed with muscle soreness especially if it becomes very painful.

Your Muscles Need Time to Adapt!
Generally, your muscles need time to adapt to changes in training. You will be surprised to know that muscle soreness is actually an active response and shows that your body is trying to adjust to the new routine. One important thing you need to remember is that muscle stiffness after exercise is never debilitating like an injury such as a muscle tear, sprain or strain. The muscle soreness you experience after starting a new exercise plan is worst for a couple of days and slowly subsides.

What Really Causes Muscles to Become Stiff?
Delayed muscle stiffness is thought to be caused by microscopic tearing of the muscle fibers. Any exercise your muscles are not used to can become a potential reason for muscle soreness. The amount of stiffness interestingly depends on how hard and how long you exercise.

Switching to exercises such as squats, push-ups and lowering weights puts you at a higher risk of developing muscle stiffness. These movements cause your muscle to forcefully contract while it lengthens.

What can be done to Avoid Muscle Soreness?
1. Start your training or workout with low-impact exercises that help increase blood flow to your muscles. Also, make sure you perform cool-down stretches to deliver maximum blood and oxygen to your muscles after workout.

2. Studies show that a really quick massage may help reduce muscle stiffness after an intense exercise or training. The massage however has no effect on muscle function.

3. If you are not comfortable exercising with stiff muscle, take a break. This should help soreness go away without any special treatment.

4. Athletes and workout freaks also try cold showers and cold baths to feel good after an intense exercise and eliminate muscle soreness.

5. Prevention is better than cure so avoid making sudden changes in the type and duration of exercise you do.

Do check out our collection of athletic shirts, tanks and performance bottoms that can make your workouts even more comfortable.

Ralph Lauren Designs 2014 U.S. Ryder Cup Team Uniforms

Ralph Lauren Designs 2014 U.S. Ryder Cup Team Uniforms

The Partnership:
Ralph Lauren Corporation has been named official partners for PGA of America until 2020. The iconic brand will also be the official outfitter of Ryder Cups taking place in the United States during this period.

Every golfer representing the United States would be wearing Ralph Lauren uniforms. The PGA of America Chief Executive Officer Pete Bevacqua seems delighted with this partnership. Association with a name synonymous with the best in sports is a proud moment for the PGA of America he said. In addition to making the U.S. golfers look good on the green, the brand is also faithful to PGA professionals who are responsible to teach and manage the game.

It was announced in January that Ralph Lauren will design the sophisticated and elegant Team USA uniforms for use during the 40th Ryder Cup. The event will take place from September 23 to 28 2014 at Gleneagles, Perthshire in Scotland.

The Outfits:
The designed outfits are pretty impressive. In fact, three different uniforms have been unveiled for the historic event. The outfit for day one is simple and conservative – here you will find the classic white polo shirt. Ralph Lauren outfit for day two by far is the best of the lot. Checkered trousers are just fabulous, and they are going to look pretty cool when paired with a solid colored polo.
The Ryder Cup audience is sure to be impressed with red pants – a striking feature of day three outfit. The use of red accent on the left sleeve gives a very modern look. All 3 outfits are fantastic, and there are laying options in case it gets cold in Scotland.

Watch Out For:
In addition to the color and design, there’s something more that helps Ralph Lauren uniforms draw attention. The words “United We Stand” is specially embroidered into the shirts. Also, you will find a band of 12 stars in admiration of the 12 players in the team at the shoulder.

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Catching Up with Cardio – Slam the Myths

Catching Up with Cardio – Slam the Myths

Digging the facts out of fiction and myths will help you achieve impressive cardio benefits. That’s right. However, there are lots of convincing myths and fallacies about sweating it out in the gym. While all stuff may not be completely wrong, following cardio myths can stop you from getting the desired results. So the next time you question your weight loss program, be certain that you are doing your cardio right.

Doing More Cardio Means You Can Eat More:
This sounds silly, but sadly most people believe that they can eat more and then just go burn those extra calories at the gym. Remember, if you eat a double cheeseburger, you need to run for about two hours non-stop to burn that many calories. And if you try running two hours straight, you are most likely to end up with an injury to your muscles. We bet extra food doesn’t sound so appetizing now. You are best eating off small portions of good carbohydrates and proteins before your workout.

Putting On Weights While You Do Cardio Will Help You Burn More Fat:
Don’t assume that those heavy ankle straps are going to put you to fat blasting mode. Remember, bulky ankle straps can throw you off the elliptical trainer or treadmill. What’s even worse is the fact that you can get injured due to improper distribution of weight.

If you want to lose fat quickly, increase the intensity of your cardio session. You can also team your cardio with weight training to get stronger muscles.

Skipping Your Pre-Workout Meal Can Speed Up Weight Loss:
This myth comes from the thought that when your body doesn’t have calories available, it will use stored fat to fuel your workout. Interestingly, studies show that rate of fat loss remains consistent regardless of the fact that you eat or skip your pre-workout meal. Another medical study suggests that having a small snack before cardio session can help you perform better.

Wearing the right exercise apparel will allow you to focus on the task at hand, i.e. your cardio session. If it is a hot day, a better option will be to put on moisture wicking tees offered by Champion sportswear. Champion hoodies and sweatshirts can be your best cardio partners on a chilly day. Don’t wait any longer. Get your hands on Champion Sportswear at Wholesale prices today.

Magnificent Messi and Magical Milestones

Magnificent Messi and Magical Milestones

Argentine superstar Lionel Messi seems to be carving new piece of history almost every week. Presently, Barcelona fans have got the best seats when it comes to watching him play for the club. Messi is well-known for his ability to score goals whenever he wants. Having won FIFA Golden Ball for his outstanding performance during the FIFA World Cup 2014, the phenomenal Argentine forward has his eyes on doing something utterly remarkable. We bet you are curious to know more!

Leo Messi, as he is famously known, is just 2 goals short of 400 career goals. Don’t forget Messi only turned 27 this June. Yes, this will come as an enormous shock for some of you but this record is just one small part of how brilliant he really is. If you are not really impressed, you need to read this.

Messi has scored 356 goals in total for FC Barcelona. In addition, the Argentine striker has also scored 42 for goals for his national side. Messi also has 245 Spanish League goals. Interestingly, he only needs 7 more goals to beat the legendary striker Telmo Zarra and become the highest scorer in La Liga history.

Leo is kind of a pro when it comes to shattering and setting up new records.

• He is the only player to have won 4 FIFA Ballon d’Or awards – the most by any player
• Messi holds the record for scoring most goals in one calendar year – scored 91 times in 2012
• Leo has scored most hat-tricks in a La Liga season – he has 8
• At 25 years of age, he became the youngest player to score 200 La Liga goals
• Talking about hat-tricks, Messi also has the record for most hat-tricks in UEFA Champions League. The astonishing striker has scored 4.

We’re making it possible for you to show your soccer skills. Don’t forget to check out our fantastic Football Clothing to take your performance to the next level.